It’s been a week since something really hard happened with our family. And in some ways, it felt like it was just yesterday, while in other ways I feel like I’ve been walking through this sludge for months.

It’s been a weird nightmare, a dream I can’t wake from.

We’re in for a long road before life returns to any type of normal, but truth me told, our normal is never going to be the same, It’ll have to be a new normal.

I’ve lost a lot of weight just from the stress.

Sleep was next to impossible to get but I’m slowly getting back to a better schedule.

My appetite is slowly returning.

But my heart is fractured in ways I can’t explain to anyone. Nor do I want to at this time.

So, the little things have been getting me through the 24 hours in every day. And some of those little things have been nature, my sweet dog, and little family moments.

We finally had a break in the weather today, so I got out with my pup and we took a nice little walk around the block. The clouds were enjoyable, the breeze was refreshing, and it felt like a nice big hug from God.

I know He’s with me and us and I feel Him more now than in recent years.

Onward we go with one step in front of another.

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