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Melody of Slurping Life tagged me for the seven weird things meme. I find myself utterly boring when it comes to meme’s but I’ll give this one a good old college try.

1. I’m petrified of drains. Small drains, large drains, bathroom drains, kitchen drains, pool drains and even holes that aren’t drains…like our attic fan being turned on. I have to turn it off in order to stand under it and get into the towel closet. I wish I knew where this phobia came from, but I don’t remember any scary drain incident that happened to me. I do know this started in childhood and has gotten progressively worse in time.

2. I’m drinking hot water with garlic and lemon as I write this. I’m sure it sounds disgusting to just about everyone, but when you’re on the Candida diet and can only drink water it’s actually a tasty treat!

3. I only take baths. I don’t find this weird, but nearly everyone I speak to says they take showers so maybe it is strange. I can’t remember the last time I took a shower.

4. I wear comfortable pants and long sleeve shirts in the summer. Sometimes I wear them when we go out or during the day, but mostly at night. I have a low body temperature I guess because I’m always cold. When it’s time to get cozy with hubbs (wink wink) I make an exception. (lol)

5. If I would have started having kids younger, and my husband was the huge family type I could see me creating a large family…I mean, large…more than 6 kids. I think I’ll be lucky if we make it up to four. My hubbs isn’t as interested in lots of kids as I seem to be. We’ll leave it up to God and see what he has in mind for us!

6. Give me lots of open land, no neighbors for miles, chickens, horses, goats, a large garden, large pond/small lake, house that we built with a wrap around porch, several large trees perfect for tire swings, my husband working from home with me and homeschooling our 10 errr, I mean hopefully 4 kids and I’d be one happy lady.

7. I was homeschooled. I know this isn’t as weird anymore, but when I was growing up people would look at me like I was from another planet when I’d tell them I was taught at home. And then they’d start in with all the typical annoying questions. ;–)

And for some reason when I copy and paste all the links from past meme participants into this post it messes up the post and my computer screen gets all wonky….so, I guess you’ll have to click thru to Melody’s post in order to see everyone else who played along.

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