You’re sick with something trying to kill you, steal from you, and destroy you. That is what sickness does, after all. You don’t want to be sick. You go to doctors to fight against the sickness ravaging your body. And you’ve heard fellow Christians say that God wants you well. But, you don’t believe God could possibly want you well. You feel that you deserve the disease over-taking your body. You think you’ve sinned too much to be forgiven, to be healed, or to be loved.

Does that sound like you, or someone you love? Can I let you in on a little secret? I’ve felt that very way before. As some of you know, I’ve been fighting Chronic Late-Stage Lyme disease for almost five years now. And in those five years I’ve experienced every human emotion you can. Every lie from the enemy has crept into my mind. I may stand in faith. I may linger in hope. I may receive His grace and believe Jesus already paid the price for my healing. I may even know who I am in Christ – but the fact remains, I’m still human and have times of weakness and sorrow.

Sister and brother, I know how you feel. And so does God. It wasn’t until I really understood how forgiven I am that I was able to fight off the feelings of shame and unworthiness from the enemy. Now mind you, those emotions try to creep their way into my heart from time-to-time, but I’m now able to fight them off with the truth of the Word.

See, when Jesus came to earth over 2,000 years ago, making the decision to take to the Cross for our sins, He knew that He was going to bear every single sin for all humanity for all of time in His spirit. He also knew He’d be bearing all sickness and disease in His Body that anybody would ever have so that we could be free from the curses of sickness and disease. God knew it. Jesus knew it. But we don’t know it. We know part of the story. We know that Jesus died for sinners. We believe that sinners will be forgiven of  their past sins, and will be accepted into the kingdom of God. But that’s where it often ends in our realization of what Christ really did for us.

Under the old covenant they made a blood sacrifice to cover their sins every year. Jesus took the place of that yearly sacrifice. He became our one time sacrifice for all time. We no longer have to make blood sacrifices because Jesus already did that for us. Our sins have been forgiven. God isn’t looking at our sin, He is looking at Christ in us, looking at our salvation. The sins that make you feel so unworthy of being healed, or loved, are sins that God doesn’t even see anymore. He isn’t judging you for your sins. He judged Jesus for your sins. Again, I am not condoning sin. Sin isn’t a good thing. But God isn’t holding back blessings, or His love, because you sinned.

If you don’t believe you’re forgiven, how can you possibly believe you’re healed by His stripes? The two go hand-in-hand. They both happened on the same Cross by the same Savior. We receive them both the same way, through faith, by His grace. Some say unforgiveness toward others can block your healing. I say not accepting the forgiveness God has already given to you will be what blocks your ability to receive. If you refuse to accept God loves you enough to forgive you, how can you possibly believe He loves you enough to have already healed you through Christ?

Friends, you’re forgiven. No matter the sin, its been forgiven. Repeat after me: Thank You God for forgiving me of my sins. I lay them down at your feet and receive the forgiveness already secured for me by Christ so long ago. I receive the truth that I’m forgiven, and healed, and loved. I let go of the unworthy feeling, the shame, and the lies of the enemy whispered into my ears. I am Your child and because of Christ I am worthy of Your love and blessings, forgiveness and healing.

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