I count it a real blessing that I’ve been able to work from home since 2004. Never did I imagine I’d be a work from home mom for 13 years and counting. When I worked outside of the home, I was just never happy. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, and work from home. I’ve always wanted there not to be a ceiling on what I could make, or do. In fact, I quit my full-time job outside of the home before I even had children, taking a chance on a telecommuting job. It was a huge risk and chance. One that didn’t pan out perfectly, so I went back to my job part-time. But it gave me a taste of what it would be like. And it tasted good!

In 2004 I gave birth to my first son, Nick. I knew I wouldn’t want to be away from him full-time. My husband and I both decided that I would raise him. We eased into things at first. I worked the weekends outside of the home while my husband and mom watched my son. But soon enough that just wasn’t working and I wasn’t making the kind of money that made it worth it. So in November 2004 we took the risk and I jumped head first into working from home.

I was lucky, I landed a virtual assistant contract right away with a wonderful Internet Marketer and worked with her until the spring before I had my second son, Zane. At which time I stopped working for a bit to focus on raising my babies. But it wasn’t long before I picked up a couple clients and got back into the swing of things.

In the 13 years I’ve worked from home I’ve been a virtual assistant, telecommuter, product based business owner, affiliate marketer, and information product creator. I love the freedom working from home gives me to try different things and see what works best for me.

I currently run this blog and work as a virtual assistant for a great lady! I’m so happy to have been connected with her and see myself with her company for a long, long time. Even though I am trading hours for dollars again, and working as a virtual assistant isn’t passive income, like I love (who wouldn’t?!), it is guaranteed money, like I love (who wouldn’t love that?!) and it still allows me the time to run this blog.

Working from home isn’t easy. It’s also not impossible. You just have to believe in yourself, take the leap of faith, and trust it’ll (eventually, maybe) all work out.


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