Spending that time with my husband was more refreshing than I even thought it would be. You get comfortable with how things are at home and you don’t realize you need a refreshing of your relationship until you get one. Not that anything was wrong, but, you know, work, kids, housekeeping – it all takes away from your quality time together. And on vacation you get to just focus on fun and each other.

It was precious time together. We did what we love to do. We relaxed a lot in the room, watching cable television, which we don’t have at home, and it was such a treat, as silly as that sounds. But, instead of watching different shows in different rooms, we were forced to find shows we both would like to watch, and watched them from the cozy bed – together. It was so nice. Just being next to each other and talking, laughing, and being together.

Swimming together, eating out together, just literally being together 24/7 for four days, without the stress of bills, and kids, and work was amazing. I am forever grateful for this time we spent together in Waco and already desperately miss it. I think we should do this every year. A family vacation AND an alone vacation. It was a great time.

I love my husband so much. More than words can express. And I pray I’m blessed enough to live a very long long life together.

Misc. pictures… the creepy fake owl outside our window, our “view” outside our window, and Adam at our daily breakfasts in the hotel.

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