You look like a Mom today. (hubby)

What does a Mom look like? (me)

I don’t know. You right now. (hubby)

Well, I am a Mom. I am curious about why you say that, though? (me)

Oh, I guess it’s your dressy, but casual look. (hubby)

Um, okay. So, I look like a Mom today in a skirt and nice shirt, but not when I’m in my boxers and t-shirts? (me)

Yes. (hubby)


I think it’s the denim shirt to my knees that made him feel I was wearing mom-gear. I don’t mind. I am a Mom. And he wasn’t saying it insulting. Just a comment. I thought it was too funny and had to share.

Do you have an outfit that your hubby thinks is “Mom Gear?”

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  1. LOL!! I like the skirt as well!! You look nice in it!! Do you ever get the “your wearing mom jeans?” I hear it all the time, as I don’t really like wearing all the “low rise” jeans that are out there these days.

  2. Kelly, I actually see that! I’ve seen some of the teachers at the school up here wearing simular wear. lol

  3. My “Mom Outfit” would be an elastic waist skirt (b/c I still am not fitting into my zippered clothes after babe #2) and a tank top. My husband is probably a little sick of the Mommy Hairdo (ponytail) that I have been sporting almost daily since having babe #1 though.

  4. Actually I think that looks more like a teacher outfit… well if the skirt wasn’t denim. LOL

    I remember reading the “What Not to Wear Girls” in a magazine. They were decribing the typical mom rut… ponytail, jeans, sneakers and sweatshirt. What was I wearing at that very moment? All of the above.

    I think it’s just envitable at some point.

  5. How funny…

    I was accused of looking like a farmer one day. I was working in the garden — had my bib overhauls on (no less) with my sun protecting hat. Hubby came out gave me a big hug and kiss and said ” I married me a farmer–Hee Haw”

  6. I think you look quite snappy in your mom gear. My husband has never referred to my mom gear. I’m pretty much always in my yoga pants and a t-shit or tank top around the house…just in case a quiet moment (haha) presents itself for yoga.

  7. My computer won’t open pics on your blog. Bummer.
    I wear mommy clothes because nothing else fits me, lol. What does a mom look like? LOL

  8. Isn’t it funny that someone comes to the conclusion (well obviously your husband knows this…lol) that you are a mom by what you are wearing?

    My friend and I were grocery shopping the other morning and we both wore baseball caps instead of doing our hair and we saw a couple other women in bball caps & she said I bet they are moms too and just didn’t feel like taking the time to do their hair…LOL!

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