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You Should Have A Television Show

A lovely Facebook friend commented on a status update last week that my family should have a reality show to show America a loving family. In some ways that comment has reinforced that how I choose to live my life is working. I choose to focus on the good. I don’t like drama. I don’t like gossiping and negativity. If I had two hours of amazing and the rest of the day was crappy, I choose to think about, and talk about, the two hours of good. Some may say that isn’t living in reality. I say, that is living the reality I choose to dwell on.


However, in other ways, that comment made me think that I need to share more of all the moments because my family is not perfect, we’re not always loving and kind, we sometimes yell, the kids fight with one another, and I get run down daily and sometimes get grumpy. It’s the reality of any family. We’re no Duggars and I guarantee you, the Duggars are not always the people you see on the television screen either.

11111285_1433573130288420_1439323272_nFor example, I decided to take the boys on a bike ride to the park this afternoon. I envisioned laughter, and happily playing together, and stitching a hoop as the kids ran around at the park and pond. And while there was some of that, there was also crying, Dash got bit by a fire ant, Zane ran into Dash with his bike, Nicky teased Dash which made him cry, and they all complained they were hot and tired and ready to go home. But what I choose to remember, and dwell on, were the good moments of that time with my children. Their excitement at the start of our adventure. Watching them riding their bikes, lined up by age. The amazing breeze that whipped my dress around, and the deep blue sky dancing with fluffy white clouds. And the laughter of the boys as they drove over and over again through a deep puddle of water, splashing muddy water all over their clothing.


Our family is like most families. We have good times and bad. We have happy times and sad. But like most families I know, we choose to focus our energy on the good. Not denying there is bad, but not dwelling on the bad. Some ask how I’m able to keep a positive attitude with everything we have, and are, going through with Dash and I chronically ill, and all the other stuff I don’t wanna get into right now. My answer is simple. Focus on the good, learn from the bad, and live in the moment.

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