Your Work-at-Home Uniform

My typical uniform outside the home was something business casual/business formal, usually uncomfortable yet cute, and needed ironing in the morning.

As a leasing agent and assistant manager I needed to keep up a certain professional image and although I do sometimes miss those days of getting dressed up for work I much prefer the freedom I have now to wear whatever my heart desires.

And my heart usually desires sweat shirts (usually with a sports team on them or my business url) and jeans during the colder months here in Missouri or a tshirt and shorts in the hotter months.

My colder months uniform – and yes, the child is usually part of the uniform, too.

(yes, it’s a picture from Spring this year…that’s why my hair is longer)

What about you? What is your typical work-at-home uniform?

I’m tagging some blog friends and here is what you need to do:

  • post a picture of you in your typical daily “uniform”
  • tag other bloggers to join in on the fun (tag as many as you’d like)

Easy as that!

I’m tagging:

Can’t wait to see everybody’s uniforms…leave me a comment and let me know when yours is up!

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  1. Can the girls and I come hang out with you this fall so we can wear sweatshirts and jeans hehe. Party at Nell’s house WOOT WOOT. The girls would drive Adam mad huh? LMAO.

    You all look sooo cute. Love you all!

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